Mailboxer Demo App Now Available

I wrote a tutorial last year that explained how to customize the Mailboxer Ruby gem and it was well-received. Many people requested source code so that they could debug issues. I unfortunately did not have the availability to provide the source code at the time. However, I am very happy to announce that an open source application is currently available on Github and it is completely free to use. A live demo of the app is also available on Heroku. I hope this helps anyone that is struggling to get mailboxer up and running in their Rails app! As always, feel free to ask questions if you run into issues.

5 Replies to “Mailboxer Demo App Now Available”

  1. Awesome tutorial!!! I’ve followed along and made everything work. Now I want to create a “message me” button on each users profile. How would you do that?

    1. Hi Matt, glad you enjoyed the tutorial! You could put a button like this on the profile page:

      <%= button_to "Send a message", new_message_path(:user => @user) %>

      Then on your controller that handles the profile page (let’s say it’s the User controller) you would just make sure you’re passing in the right user variable:

      class UsersController < ApplicationController
      def show
      @user = User.find(params[:id])

      1. Thank you for the quick reply.

        I’m a bit confused. You put “:user => @user1″….Where @user1 but you didn’t use it in the controller.

        Also I have a profile controller where this will be that belongs_to user via devise.

        Not sure if that makes a difference in my code.

        Thanks again.

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