Updated 3/1/2015: I was unable to gain traction for this idea so I am shelving this project. I may revisit the idea at a later time.

My project, Workula, has quietly launched today. As much as I wanted to continue to polish the code and add new features it needed to be launched. I am in need of feedback and this is the best way to do it.

So what is Workula? Workula is a website that allows users to share work experience. We’re changing the definition of work experience because it puts college students and the unemployed at a severe disadvantage. Work experience is currently defined as being employed by a company for a certain amount of time. We define work experience as “work”. With Workula, work experience is broken down into smaller updates we call WorkBlocks. A WorkBlock can represent a status update, a comment on other work, new work submissions, and contributions to other work. We feel that breaking down work experience like this will encourage people that don’t have formal work experience to enhance their set of skills and document each step of the way.

I invite you all to sign up for a free account today to begin sharing your work experience:

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks in advance!

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